Andy Hendersons All Stars

Andy Hendersons All Stars

May 20, 2017 Uncategorised 0

Door 7.30pm

This week we have  the welcome return of Andy Henderson's All Stars AKA "Henderson's Irregulars"
  • We have a Duffer on the Cornet (Henderson himself)
    And last time we had:-
  • Andy Wallis on reeds
  • Eugene Farrar on Trombone
  • Chris Lloyd on Piano
  • Phil Kampen on Bass
  • Rod McNamara on drums.
  • (Who knows who will appear this time, but guaranteed to have five great players from the West Yorkshire area.
Playing a good mix of traditional and mainstream styles. One thing's for sure, it'll swing like mad.
This will be the fourth time Andy Henderson has put a band together for his local jazz club, and can't wait to hear it play.
All the musicians play with other bands as we well know, "but I'm delighted to get these gentlemen together" says Andy.

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