New Orleans Z’Hulus

New Orleans Z’Hulus

May 16, 2017 Uncategorised 0
New Orleans Z'hulus
New Orleans Z'hulus

The New Orleans Z’Hulus is a very international unit featuring Belgium, Dutch, English and French top musicians.

The band was the brainchild of the legendary Belgian drummer Maurice Van Eyck because he wanted a group of musicians with similar views to his to continue to play in the “old” New Orleans tradition.

Sadly the years of “hard living” have taken their toll on Maurice and he has retired to the south of France. However, three decades on the band is still fulfilling his wishes and we are continuing to “look after it” for him.

The New Orleans Z’hulus play festivals and clubs throughout Europe. All of the members have either lived or spent considerable time in New Orleans recording or playing with the greats of this music.

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