After Hours Jazz Band

After Hours Jazz Band

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After Hours Jazz Band At Leeds Jazz Club
After Hours Jazz Band At Leeds Jazz Club

While delighting audiences across Europe with their 'vintage sounds', the band have established a presence and sound all of their own.

''....Resurrecting the songs, instruments and techniques of an otherwise forgotten era, with an irresistible sense of ease and exuberance; the washboard fidgeting, banjo rolling, horn howling collective of sizzling swingsters have been scorching audiences with their hot jazz on an international scale since 2013!!''   

Some lad in a bomer jacket.  2016


New Orleans style Trad-Jazz, Swing, Jive & Blues.
Band Members
Max Miller - guitar & vocals
Oly Clarkson - sax, clarinet & vocals
John Arneson - drums & doowap...
Tom Maddison - string bass
Elias Bolufer - trumpet
Lawrence Marshall - trombone
Nell Begley - vocals
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Home Town
Party like Gatsby with the 'bright young things' of Trad-Jazz, Jive & Swing!
It was in early 2013 when Guitarist - Max Miller - and Clarinettist Oliver Clarkson, having played in highly eclectic bands over the years, decided to create a ...fully live Electro-Swing band. The early stages relied on the studio produced beats and bass lines being mixed live by scratch DJ Taro Farell, but later the boys began implementing live synths, delays and other effects into their sound.

As the groups electronic aspect was developing, they were also bringing their various backgrounds to bear upon a trad jazz / swing repertoire, in an attempt to resurrect the sounds of the 'Hot Jazz' musicians such as Sydney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and Django Reinhardt.. Taking encouragement from the thriving Leeds jazz community, they found themselves in high demand; from fêtes; studios to stately homes
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